How to organise a childrens party: the thank you notes

Party InvitationsWell, that’s us very nearly at the end of the party planning journey now. The very last piece of the puzzle is to organise your thank you notes. It might seem like a bit of a faff at times, but it’s good etiquette to thank your guests for attending your party, and for any gifts they might bring. Writing thank you notes is an important social skill for kids to learn. Obviously for younger children, you’ll be writing the thank you notes yourself. But you can still involve the birthday child in signing (or scrawling, if very young!) their names.

Remember to keep a note of who sent each gift for future reference if you plan to send out individualised thank you cards. Otherwise it’s almost impossible to keep track of things in the midst of the post-party pressie opening frenzy. As nice as individual thank you letters are though, they are also incredibly time consuming. If time is in short supply, I’m pretty sure nobody would bat an eye these days at receiving a generalised thank you note (especially all the other busy Mums who know just what it’s like!)

As with party invitations, there are lots of different options available for thank you notes. Let’s take a look at a few of the choices out there:

Themed party thank you cards. You can keep your party theme running right through to the end by snapping up some matching thank you cards. Here at UK Party Shop we’ve got a great range of themed thank you cards at great prices. Popular styles include Hello Kitty thank you cards, Super Mario thank you cards and Peppa Pig thank you cards.

Pre-printed thank you cards. If you’re planning on sending out generalised thank you cards, then why not save time writing them out by ordering up some pre-printed stationary. If you order them at the same time as your invitations, many companies will offer you a good deal.

Home-printed thank you cards. If you’ve got a reasonable printer at home, you can make up thank you cards on your own PC. If you search the Internet you can find free printable templates to help you design your cards with ease.

Photo thank you cards. This can be a lovely option for memorable thank yous, and can be organised at home (if you have a decent photo printer) or through an online printing store. If you’ve got some great pics of all party guests, then a nice touch can be using a photo of the birthday boy or girl with the gift giver. Or perhaps a collage of all the party guests having fun together.

One last top tip: if you’re getting organised with your thank you cards before the party, then why not pop them straight into the party bags to be handed out at the end of the shindig. Job done!

Well, that’s us come to the end of this first portion of our party planning series. We hope that some of the hints and tips we’ve provided come in useful next time you’re organising a children’s party. Do please get in touch if you have any handy hints of your own to share – we’d love to hear from you!

Next we’re going to start looking at some specific party themes. Keep your eyes peeled for more blog updates…

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